Jul 10, 2009

Sim War 5, Coming Your Way

A game that I started around 2007 has been slowly working its way up to this point. It is a 3d Battle Sim, the fifth in a series of games I've just been calling Sim War (Really compelling name, huh?) What happened to the fourth and second one, one who pays to much attention would ask? Well, I've deemed them unworthy.

After a brief test-playing period, I shall release this game into the wild.

Jul 2, 2009

Music I like that you should like too

Slagsmalsklubben is one of my favorite bands.
6 guys on keyboards, and they are Swedish.

And here is Bit Shifter. He Freakin rocks, and this is my favorite song of his:

I, Cactus is good too. Slower stuff, but well done.

This is a good song by Anamanaguchi

Take is slow with Albatross, by Fleetwood Mac

Last but not least, 4 Non Blondes, as done by He Man.

Enjoy some music while I neglect to post some more.