Jul 28, 2010

Shoot First Version 1.2 + Extra

Guess what I've been doing these past few days. Well well well, let's see what we have here. Hmmhmm... You got yourself an update alright. Now some of these things are pretty minor, but overall they improve the game quite a bit.

  • Travelers/Green Knights can now pick up the weapons you discard. Arm your buddies, however wimpy they may seem.
  • Glitch fixes- spawning problems, hidden exits, all that crap- should be dead now.
  • No more trap room slowdown problems.
  • No more trap room escapees. (That means you, monsters!)
  • A new highscore board (now that the cheat has been irradicated)

But eh, whats this?

Those of you who have enjoyed Shoot First and would like to support my game making endeavours can choose to donate below and receive a version of the game with extra content! This extra content includes:

  • A fancy new level
  • Two fancy new weapons (Burn Baron shown above)

Jul 20, 2010

Shoot First Sexy Update***

I hope this addresses most of the concerns that people were having with the game.

New Stuff:

  • Mouse now has direct aiming. No more 8 direction mouse aiming.
  • Custom controls are now saved
  • Fullscreen button added that tests resolution and makes appropriate fixes (tell me if this doesn't work properly)
  • Some odd item pickup error has now been fixed
  • Option for turning off scanlines*
  • Discovered exits are logged onto the map**

So, please enjoy the bandaged and healing new version of Shoot First

Thanks to Jason Rohrer for prompting me to do this-

Jul 6, 2010


Shoot First is an Action Roguelike.

It features 2 player co-op, procedurally generated levels, 5 environments, and online highscores (thanks to Adam Reineke for writing the PHP script and Evan Balster for the DLL).

I started this game in the middle of working on Action Fist. Even though I had a brand new and fiery passion for my rogue project, every now and then I would run into such pitfalls as: "Everything is frozen" and "This map is unbeatable". And it's bad enough to lose inspiration for your main project, let alone one you just birthed. (I'd like to thank Jonatan Söderström for encouraging me to get this thing finished up near it's last legs).

I found it funny: Because the game was procedural, sometimes I would be testing it and would catch myself looking for things that I knew weren't there... So I hope that players feel like this game offers much more to explore than I ever got to experience while making it.

Due to the procedural nature of this game, it can be downright cruel sometimes! Enjoy!

On a side note:

While working on this game, I realized that I make a lot of games with shooting. I mean seriously, look at my games page; there are 7 games that have guns/shooting on their buttons. Seven! (and all of my games have something violent in them)

Now this may not seem like a problem to many gamer types, and frankly, it isn't. Shooting and dodging is a fun and intuitive mechanic, which also acts as an instant conflict; But I feel like it might be an easy way out.

I might have to go fishing in another pond for a while.