May 22, 2012


Hey Jim Jams, I've moved on over to a new site, so if you're still checking this blog, mosey on over to

Jan 8, 2012

Looking Back - Peg Soldier

Peg Soldier is an old top down shooter that uses 8x8 graphics.

It holds up surprisingly well, compared to my other old games.
It's simple aestehtic allowed for rapid developement, but my lack of coding skills and experience led me to quicky run out of steam on the project.

If I were to remake it today, I would do a few things differently:
The enemies would have path finding abilities and would take cover and call back-up.
Friendlies would try to guard you, and perhaps a mechanic would be added to where you could order them around and arm them.
Enemies would not shoot randomly, and when they were about to shoot, they would have an anticipation animation.
The in-game shop would be clearer, and things would be priced better.
There would be more satisfying sound effects.
Proper boss battles.
A better visual theme with a limited palette, not just quickie tiny graphics.
Satisfying audio and visual cues for when you're out of ammo, you've picked up health, a friendly was lost, or the last enemy on the field was killed.
Proper music not lifted from other games ;)

Although that seems like the game is missing a lot, what makes it fun is already there:
The game-play is simple
The levels are quick and exciting
The environments have a good amount of variety
There are upgrades
You have little buddies that fight with you

Download Peg Soldier and try it out for yourself.
I'm sure I'll make a similar title eventually.

Nov 24, 2011


Are your cousins over for the holidays
and you're bored out of your mind?

Shoot each other in space.

The IGF version of 0space features:
Vertical screens in 2 player
New effects and animation
A clearer points system
+3 New Levels:
-Death Square-

Donate any amount and receive the IGF version of 0space!

(Download will start automatically after donation)

(Here is an awesome video from Giant Bomb
showcasing new features of the game)

Oct 25, 2011

The Magnificient

The Mag is a game I started during TigJam 4. It is inspired by Film Noir, Blade Runner, and Street Fighter 2010. The finished version will be a long and difficult level with 2 bosses.

Shoot Bastard

I went to San Francisco over the weekend to attend TigJam 4!

While I was there I worked on various things. One of which was the "make a game in an hour challenge" where I teamed up with Chevy Ray Johnston and Matt Thorson to create Shoot Bastard!

I handled the art while Chevy did the code and Matt composed the music.


Jun 29, 2011

Action Fist OST

You can now get the Action Fist OST from
It features every song from the game, as well as a live version of Rain Base Zone.
More live versions are sure* to come.
*But I originally stated that this was going to be available in 2009, so who knows!


May 18, 2011

0Space Update!

I haven't posted in awhile. But that was because I was working on 0Space.

A 2 player version of the game will soon be featured on the Winnitron 1000 Indie Arcade Machine.

And just recently, 0space was featured at Babycastles' Silent Barn location in Queens, NY, for their Tigsource Versus Compo themed show. It also had Jesus fighting Darwin in a Tetris-style vehicle wrestling match, and flying pirate ships shooting each other out of the sky.

But just for you, yes you, I've got a tidier and gussied up version of the future arcade classic (We'll see eh?).

This baby's got the following:
  • New Level "Spring"
  • Random Level Select
  • Players now take turns selecting playlists, as opposed to player 1 always getting to
  • New effects for shooting and jumping
  • Wider Screens for 2 player VS
 so DOWNLOAD away!
    And here's the proper trailer 0space needed.