May 30, 2009

Uberleben 3.0!

I have updated that game where you plummet to your death as one of many multicolored Suicidal Power Rangers.

In it I have made two more levels, I added a longer difficulty setting, and I added options for disabling the replay function, and for removing violence.

This will probably be the last update unless some divine force decides otherwise.

Looks like ortoslon will have to try a little harder this time-

May 10, 2009

NEW: Old Games!

I have just put up my very old but treasured projects from back in say... 2006?

Back when I used Game Maker's drag and drop only. (which I quite despise now except for a quicky instance_destroy() every now and then)

First, I put up Quadrasquare, a 4 player party game that is reminiscent of TRON, except with blocks and coins. My friends and I enjoy 50 rounds of this one every now and then.

I also put up Helium Floating Object Engage Combat, my homage to the NES classic, Balloon Fight. This one contains lizards with blood curdling screams!

Lastly, I put up a friend favorite, Popo Kikuro. A deceivingly brutal golf game.

So if you want to see how naive (yet charming) I was when I was younger, feel free to check them out.