May 18, 2011

0Space Update!

I haven't posted in awhile. But that was because I was working on 0Space.

A 2 player version of the game will soon be featured on the Winnitron 1000 Indie Arcade Machine.

And just recently, 0space was featured at Babycastles' Silent Barn location in Queens, NY, for their Tigsource Versus Compo themed show. It also had Jesus fighting Darwin in a Tetris-style vehicle wrestling match, and flying pirate ships shooting each other out of the sky.

But just for you, yes you, I've got a tidier and gussied up version of the future arcade classic (We'll see eh?).

This baby's got the following:
  • New Level "Spring"
  • Random Level Select
  • Players now take turns selecting playlists, as opposed to player 1 always getting to
  • New effects for shooting and jumping
  • Wider Screens for 2 player VS
 so DOWNLOAD away!
    And here's the proper trailer 0space needed.