May 18, 2011

0Space Update!

I haven't posted in awhile. But that was because I was working on 0Space.

A 2 player version of the game will soon be featured on the Winnitron 1000 Indie Arcade Machine.

And just recently, 0space was featured at Babycastles' Silent Barn location in Queens, NY, for their Tigsource Versus Compo themed show. It also had Jesus fighting Darwin in a Tetris-style vehicle wrestling match, and flying pirate ships shooting each other out of the sky.

But just for you, yes you, I've got a tidier and gussied up version of the future arcade classic (We'll see eh?).

This baby's got the following:
  • New Level "Spring"
  • Random Level Select
  • Players now take turns selecting playlists, as opposed to player 1 always getting to
  • New effects for shooting and jumping
  • Wider Screens for 2 player VS
 so DOWNLOAD away!
    And here's the proper trailer 0space needed.


    1. Woohoo, YESS! Thank you! This saved my work day :P

    2. First impressions of the new version:
      1) graphical glitches, on maps with animated tiles
      2) maps with animated tiles are very slow


    3. Hell yes! 0Space Updates!!
      Now please, tell me, are you planning Online multiplayer any time soon?

    4. I agree that a online mode would be great, but i guess that it's a lot of work ><

    5. I agree that that would be great but you should REALLY fix the graphical glitches. Especially the one where the transparencies don't show.

    6. Huzzah! More 0space!

      A few things:

      - I love this game
      - My brothers love this game
      - There does seem to be a few more graphical glitches, particularly between tiles during screen rotation
      - There is a conspicuous lack of level editing tools
      - This is my favorite of all your games so far
      - Full scale Battleroom emulation would be awesome (bigger teams and levels, gates, etc.)
      - I am completely in love with this game, and really hope to see more of it in the future!

      Great work!

    7. HAd an amazing Time with this and my friends (3 player), all the functionality just blew us away, we played 150 rounds or more (10x 5round sessions, 2x 45round sessions).

      The only thing that didn't really work for us were the Replays. We would see something but it wasn't our current battle. The voice recording worked, just not the video. Dunno what the glitch is there.

    8. Hey this game is awesome - we are playing it here in New Zealand! Winnitron NZ has it, but we are awaiting an online version (vs mulitplayer) - even just a one on one!!

      Any idea as to when/whether it is possible for you to do so?

      A huge fan of this game

    9. GREAT game. love all the different things one can do, incl. clashing when simultaneously blade-swinging at another individual, as I just learned today after discovering this almost a month ago!

      Please check the recording method because occasionally recordings do something slightly different that results in a deviating outcome, such as a player running into deadly material on his own when that didn't happen in the actual match.

      Tube's design is mind-blowing. I suspect you may have been influenced by Jumpman at, huh? It would be great to have double the quadrants of symmetry to make an infinite space map like in many of Jumpman's later levels.

      Your creativity is boundless!

    10. I want to first tell you your my favorite indie developer and this is a blast to play

      now i want to tell you i think it would be sweet if you added a level editor XD

    11. Just wanted to say that this is the greatest game ever made by man.

    12. After extensive play, it seems the replays record the walking around and shooting but not the jumping.

      Also, second on the level editor, or just the source.

    13. Also an only sword and grenade mode could be fun too.

    14. Slobodan DjindjicJuly 13, 2013 3:35 AM

      Pa to ti kazem, ej! John I.G. je u pravu!