Apr 11, 2010

Action Fist is OUT!

Now look what I've gone and done!


  1. awesome...finally its out! another quality game from you beau. good work!

  2. Action Fist was an incredibly fun game. I think it's a good day when I manage to find a cooperative game I can play with my girlfriend. Keep up the good work!

  3. great game!
    wasn't sure what the colour things did though until I read the TIGsource article, so i guess you could do with explaining that.

  4. The last boss kicks my ass X_X Very nice game anyways!

  5. I have some bugs to report:
    -In the Dew Zone Act 2 (right before Race to the Rocket Zone) there's a bug that caused the game to go through the winning procedure whenever fire is pressed, no matter where you are in the level. The character will play his winning animation and then walk towards the edge of the screen until he walks into something, then walking for infinity, invincible and quite stuck. The only way for me to work around this and get to the next level was to run for the edge of the screen as fast as I could, press space, and have him run off the edge of the screen before it scrolled on, prematurely ending the level. (Note: I have fire set to Space)

    -On Race to the Rocket Zone Act 1 there's so much lag that I can't complete the level. The framerate is at about 5 fps. I have a new computer. I believe the static rain objects are what's causing the problem. I haven't made it further than this (because of the lag) but when I do I'll share any more bugs I find.

    -In Scorched Earth Zone Act 1 the boss, in my opinion, shouldn't bleed when it dies. This cheapens the effect of it being a shadow creature off in the far distance.

    -Just to make things smoother, on all of the menus the selection fist should loop through the top/bottom options when you press up/down. For example, on the main menu when the fist is on "Continue" and you press up the fist should loop down to "Quit."

    -Multiple save slots. I decided to try the game on a different difficulty and overwrote all of my progress.

    -A hotseat deathmatch mode. Could be splitscreen or could just be a simple nonscrolling screen-size level. It would add a lot to the game and would be really easy to implement.

    You've created a wonderful game! I love playing it. The sound effects are good and everything's well polished. The control scheme also works really well. And I love the hotseat multiplayer features. I feel like a lot of these things (smoother sfx, controls) could be carried over to the next version of Animaton to make another great game.

  6. Ah, also I think the option to play in a smaller window would help with some of the lag problems I've been having throughout the game.

  7. Same thing about Race to the Rocket Zone Act 1.

  8. That was amazing! Awesome stuff.

  9. Switching to joystick causes incredible lag. Also the final boss is tough as nails. I've tried a few dozen times and still haven't beaten him.

  10. Translated with Google Translate:
    Found a bug: if we jump on the edge of the platform, the side opposite the movement of the platform, then it stops.
    Found out in the "River Cave Zone Act 1"
    The game is great, action in all fields.

  11. Are you still working on this game Teknopants? It's a great game! I'd love to play it through, but the lag won't let me...