Mar 19, 2011


Make A Mockup.
Organize Your Tilemap.
Use In Game.

I created Pixothello because I dreaded making tilesets for my games. Now I dig it. I created most of the graphics for 0Space with this program. You can create seamless tiles quickly and easily, see if your tileset works before you export it, and organize it accordingly. Though this started as a project tuned to my own workflow, I was tired of sitting on the program, so I made a few changes to make it more accessible.

While Pixothello is nice, it does have a few shortcomings:
  • Occasionally slow FPS (Made in Game Maker)
  • Can only export .BMP's (Made in Game Maker)
  • Cannot rotate tiles (Did not foresee when I programmed it, and now it's hard to add)
  • Fill tool breaks on erased pixels (No idea)


  1. This program is really cool, but everytime I try to open a saved file I get spammed with this error message:

    "ERROR in
    action number 1
    of End Step Event
    for object Control:

    Error reading real."

  2. Hey dude,
    I have been looking forward to this since I saw your videos. I also hate making tile sets and this, so far works pretty well. I am wondering if there is anything that I can do to prevent a crash when I try to save.

    Also, on totally different note, I was hanging out with Evan at PAX and he was showing me the cave diving thing you all are working on. It's fun!

  3. Wow! You have a nice voice. ^_^

  4. This program is seriously cool. Any chance of transparency for layers though?

  5. Hello.
    I can create some maps for 0space using this program?
    And what instructions for this? Maybe some tutorial?

  6. Where has this program been all my life? Love this, only thing I'd really like to see is custom tile size.

    Also bump to anon with having the ability in 0space to create your own levels ;D.

  7. @Nie
    I admit it isn't clear, but if you go to File> New, you can set the tile size.

    Thanks to everyone!

  8. You should put how to change the size of the tiles in your "basics" video - because I almost deleted this program when I thought it could only create 16x16 tiles, but now that I know it can do larger tiles - its my favorite program (I typically do 32x32 tile size games)

  9. Hey Teknopants!
    Pixothello looks great, finally a Sprite Editor that is so simple that even I understand how to use it. :)

    Unfortunately I ran into the same problem that Danik mentioned above. The reason is probably related to localization: The .pix file seems to be a plain text file that contains a bunch of Numbers, '128.0000 16.0000 ...' and so on. When I save a file (German locale settings) the Numbers look like this: '128,0000 16,0000 ...'
    The decimal separator is a comma here, not a point. Obviously this causes problems when reading the file again.

    This means there is a workaround for most Europeans: Replace all ',' by '.' in the .pix file. I was able to load the file again after this.

    Hope this helps!

  10. Pixothello is fucking amazing, but, gives me the "Error reading real".

    As Starmelt said, the problem comes from the decimal separator.

    If you want to solve this, go to "Regional and Language Options" in the Windows Control Panel.
    Then click on "Customize this format" and change the decimal separator from this "," to this "."

    I don´t know if changing this can repercute in any way to other programmes, so change it at your own risk.

  11. This program is awesome but too bad i cant even use it. It freezes and crashes when I try to save. It also crashes if you accidently fill the same spot twice.

  12. Yeah, it's happening to me too.

  13. Doesn't work on laptops with no scroll wheel. Please add a zoom button using keyboard.