May 10, 2009

NEW: Old Games!

I have just put up my very old but treasured projects from back in say... 2006?

Back when I used Game Maker's drag and drop only. (which I quite despise now except for a quicky instance_destroy() every now and then)

First, I put up Quadrasquare, a 4 player party game that is reminiscent of TRON, except with blocks and coins. My friends and I enjoy 50 rounds of this one every now and then.

I also put up Helium Floating Object Engage Combat, my homage to the NES classic, Balloon Fight. This one contains lizards with blood curdling screams!

Lastly, I put up a friend favorite, Popo Kikuro. A deceivingly brutal golf game.

So if you want to see how naive (yet charming) I was when I was younger, feel free to check them out.

1 comment:

  1. YESSSSSSS post more! like umm xaxaxaxa and other ones sheeeeeit. Hahahaha yesssssss