May 30, 2009

Uberleben 3.0!

I have updated that game where you plummet to your death as one of many multicolored Suicidal Power Rangers.

In it I have made two more levels, I added a longer difficulty setting, and I added options for disabling the replay function, and for removing violence.

This will probably be the last update unless some divine force decides otherwise.

Looks like ortoslon will have to try a little harder this time-


  1. I love you. And thanks, you're the first who calls me 'divine force'.

  2. I think I addressed all the bugs you reported, ortoslon.

  3. I tried a little harder this time and... I've just been killed. On the eleventh second of the eleventh minute of my ridiculously long dry storm fall. With a screensaver. Two suggestions: first, block the screensaver when the player uses a gamepad; second, reduce the duration of a ridiculous fall to 5 minutes or add another difficulty with a 5 minute limit. After that it's simply boring because of the amazing speed gained from rings.

    By the way, I haven't noticed any bugs in this version yet. You rock.

  4. When a player descends to the landing spot at the very end of Lush Mine, a deadly ball can appear under the player, and he won't have the chance to dodge it because the ball only becomes visible when it crosses the surface. Also, why don't you make balls create holes in walls? It's strange how they just go through walls.

  5. Come to think of it, 4'33'' would fit the game better than five minutes, considering the ambient nature of Uberleben's soundscapes.

  6. Realy great game.
    Realy great levels.
    It is fun to play.
    Great grafics.
    Please don't stop to work on this game.
    With some extras it could get even a better party game.

  7. A new bunch of playthroughs - this time on endless (the two-minute difficulty). Same link: