Dec 4, 2009

Anamaton Time

A product of around 2 years or so of dabbling work-

Anamaton is finally at a state of "Good Enough"completion. The only known errors are those which come up when playing alone, and some tiny award errors, but nothing that will destroy an enjoyable skirmish. 

The controls take a little getting used to, but included is a tiny handy PDF manual. 

I would recommend playing with a joystick. 

The Level "1337 arena" is there so those who are lonely can battle with some ai.

Download it Here


  1. I don't see why you didn't choose to allow mouse controls and full shooting range it just makes the controls awkward or "takes a little getting used to" as you put it. I tried a few different key combinations but was still getting it mixed up.

    I've been waiting for this game for quite a while (and actionfist too) and was a little disappointed to find out that it was split-screen multiplayer with a single AI level (training) hacked in... basically you bitch slapped my expectations. though I was assuming/expecting too much, such as the other players in your videos being either online or AI.

    well I hope in the future you do add online play or the option to have other players be bots... it's a great game I would just like to be able to actually play it.

  2. I didn't add mouse controls due to the fact that it is a hotseat game.

    An online version would be ideal, something I will be sure to attack someday in the future.

    In the meantime I suggest you play with some locals!

  3. Agreed with robolee about AI. Will you release new version of the game?

  4. This game is awesome, and could be my new favorite with a few changes. I posted similar comments on TIGSource a while back, but I don't know if you saw them.

    -Sound effects: They all seem a bit loud in relation to everything else that comes through my speakers. Also, a lot of the sound effects started to grate on me after a while. They're all very blunt and blocky; It's very retro SNES-like, but the SFX were one thing I never appreciated about that system. Smoother, softer sound design would do a lot for the game in my opinion.

    -Music: Some music could be nice. I know some free and royalty free options(Paul Houseman,Edgen, etc.) If you want more info just say so.

    -Blood: Could you make a toggle option for it in the settings? I'm all about opening games up to the largest audience possible.

    -Gameplay: This is what would make the game my new favorite. Have you considered implementing artillery-style aiming like they use in Worms, Liero or Soldat? I think that would work really well for this game. By that I mean I would basically never quit playing it.

    It would add to the degree of skill and possibility for mastery. To preserve what's already there you could implement artillery-style and have it as a toggle option in the settings for 2 different styles of gameplay.

    -Game speed: Everything moves slower than I was expecting.

    Controls: Could be simplified by getting rid of the Drop key and turning that function into a key combo, like holding Change and tapping Up to drop. Just an idea, but it would facilitate more people on one keyboard. It could also be a toggle option in the settings.

    Love the graphics. Love the levels and their design. Love the basic gameplay. The weapons and items are perfect. Just needs some polish (ex. in the menus, which I'm sure you'll get to eventually) and a few kinks ironed out (and a minor gameplay change or two) ...and you'll have my new favorite game.

  5. Are you still developing this game? I really hope you are! It could be a great one! :)

  6. This game is absolutely amazing!
    I've been enjoying it for quite sometime now.

    But honestly though, have you ever thought of considering(which others have brought this up),
    more like an online feature? or even a LAN connection idea? Or even just normal bot battles would be even more enjoyable(other than the one level),
    because there will be times where I'll be craving to play Anamaton, but have no one around to actually play multiplayer with.

    But hopefully I hope you do come back to this and work on it even more!

  7. I play this game all the time with my friends and is one of my favorite local multiplayer pc game.

    Would be great if it was worked on even more as it is a great game.