Feb 2, 2010

Global Game Jam Game

My fellow Plaidnotion-ist (Evan) and I have posted up our Global Game Jam Game, entitled: Battery Boats.


The object of the game is to smash your opponent into a rock. However, you are tied together with a buoy that will kill both of you if it collides with an obstacle.

use arrow keys and WASD to move, The ctrl buttons for boosts for each boat respectively.

Go give it a whirl!
2 People required for maximum funnity.


  1. it's not even loading properly on chrome, goddamn unity.

    also you seem to only be doing multiplayer games now, which is sad because none of my friends would play a game like this and your lack of AI players means that you can't play it single player...

    Also I find it kind of funny how your fellow Plaidnotion-ist is called Evan and he wrote the code and you did the art, yet my artist is called Evan and I'm doing the coding, coincedence!? I THINK NOT! all that's left is you to declare that your real name is Lee, I knew travelling back in time would create some kind of paradox, yet it was a necessity.

  2. Looks good, but I'm getting a 404 error for your link.

  3. Oh golly, I better fix up them limks!