Jul 28, 2010

Shoot First Version 1.2 + Extra

Guess what I've been doing these past few days. Well well well, let's see what we have here. Hmmhmm... You got yourself an update alright. Now some of these things are pretty minor, but overall they improve the game quite a bit.

  • Travelers/Green Knights can now pick up the weapons you discard. Arm your buddies, however wimpy they may seem.
  • Glitch fixes- spawning problems, hidden exits, all that crap- should be dead now.
  • No more trap room slowdown problems.
  • No more trap room escapees. (That means you, monsters!)
  • A new highscore board (now that the cheat has been irradicated)

But eh, whats this?

Those of you who have enjoyed Shoot First and would like to support my game making endeavours can choose to donate below and receive a version of the game with extra content! This extra content includes:

  • A fancy new level
  • Two fancy new weapons (Burn Baron shown above)


  1. The web page isn't updated with the link to the new version. Here's a link until it's changed.

  2. Outstanding indie game. Now one of my personal favs! Thanks Tekno!

  3. It wasn't when I wrote that comment. I see now that it is.

  4. Thanks a lot for your nice update :D

    My most played game for the last 2 weeks and i hardly cant play it 3 times a day..

    Did a little donation for your nice work and support (wanted to handle Burn Baron aswell xD)

    Thanks again and keep up the good work :)


  5. i wanted to donate but that pay pal crap keeps kicking me out its fuckin retarded

  6. Hi again.

    Well if anybody can answer those few questions it would be nice:

    I was wondering if wearing 2 xpRing was multiplicating the received XP by 1.44 (1.2 * 1.2) or not.

    Wanted to know aswell the relation between Health and Armor (1 armor prevents from losing x health / 5 health = x armor)

    And last thing, does levelling up gives you extra armor and health and how much? (I know it gives you health) Same for the guns, does it gives you extra damage?

    Thanks a lot for your answers, Im just trying to maximise my ShootFirst equipment and adventure :)

  7. Hi,

    Wall Trap Bug is still here, makes me ragequit a lot of time because of these stupid enemies running around the wall trap, unkillable and making you die between the walls even if you are at full health level 17 running for a very high score....
    Maybe make this trap hitting you for 50% of your life if you cant prevent the bug from being part of the game.

    Bug happened when yellow fast runners appeared in the room (sand level) while I was inside the wall trap. IT happened also with the enemies digging into the ground (leaving a spike behind them) and going outside the Trap.

    Thanks :)

  8. I killed a hunter. Where's my medal?!

    I also got killed by yellow runners getting out of the closing wall trap... and would like to know if the effects of two XP rings stack.

  9. Also passed along a donation. This really is a great game. Also, out of curiosity, how do we go about getting the enhanced version anyway? Do we get an email with the link or is there magic involved?

  10. Hi August.

    When i did the donation, just after validating a download message appeared on my screen and i was able to save the enhanced version on my disk :)

    Maybe check technopants paypal page again.

  11. Thanks Blubby

    I tried rechecking, but no link or file. I sent an email to Mr Pants, so for now I just wait. I guess if all else fails I could just send in a tiny donation for the sake of getting the link again.

  12. Beau: Found a bug in 1.2. PM me on AIM.

  13. About that extra version 1.2: On some rare occassions when the player takes the stairs to the ice level, he spawns inside an ice block and dies instantly... also, on some heavy firewalled computers the game hangs completely when trying to display the hi-scores...plz, make an option to disable connecting to high score tables or a local high score table in that case... thanks!

  14. Great games, thanks!

  15. Friendly AI got stuck in the wall momentarily when I wandered into a trap

  16. enemy spawn outside field @ https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0BzxHv8M15O6MZGNiNTEzNWQtMTEwMC00YTgzLTk0MDctOGVkZjM3NGYyNjk2&hl=en&authkey=COHUyKcD
    This is v1.2 free.

  17. boulder rolling into destructible thorn-brambles creates the same floor tile as if it collided with spikes (I'd think it should roll right over them).

  18. This game runs REALLY slowly on my laptop which is kind of annoying because i want to enjoy this game "on the go", it should be able to run this game but for whatever reason cant :/

  19. Hey, I would like the donation version but I don't have a credit card. Is there an alternate way to pay? It doesn't look like PayPal offers any option but credit card...

    (must have flamethrower!!)

  20. Hi, this is the same guy as the last Anonymous. Never mind, I was allowed to use someone else's PayPal account. Just to let you know, I donated 2 amounts: the first was very small, as I wasn't sure I could download the game. However, I WAS able to, and it ROCKS, and I put in the rest of my intended donation.

    I LOVE the smell of roasted pixels in the morning! (And the Burn Baron too, for that matter!) The charge pistol is also a good one, for one-shot kills... makes me feel like a sniper!

    You really, REALLY ought to keep adding weapons, items, and monsters to this game. This is just... indescribably good! Shoot First is actually the first [sorta] shareware game I've registered in my LIFE: I'm in my 20's, and have been around computers since age 6, so you are definitely something special. I just don't think commercial publishers appreciate the replay value that random/procedural generation adds to a game, nor do they realize that the arcade-style games have great gameplay. Who cares about a story? I want a story, I'll read a book. Your game hits all the high points in gameplay, quality of content (must have more!), replayability... You're good, man, really good!

  21. *and when I said [sorta], I meant your game isn't pure shareware, but more like freeware with an expansion pack for purchase. Your game really is my first that I've ever registered/donated to/paid-to-upgrade.

  22. Just Awesome!!
    The best of two worlds get together(rouge-like and shooter) in this great indie game.

    I must be grateful for you to create this game. (well... I am)

  23. Is it possible to mod this game at all?

    Infinite levels + neat weapons + large number of enemies and traps + good set of items = a game worth drooling over.

    All of the above + modability = limitless potential!

    A homing gun and some sort of grapple hook (like those yellow tongue-shooting enemies) would be so-o-o neat... the possibilities make me giddy!

  24. Any insight as to system reqs for this? I'm on a mac trying to run in Crossover games, but I'm getting all kinds of graphical artifacts. Sound works fine, so seems to be a DX issue. Updated to 11 and I'm still stuck. DO WANT (this game to work...)

  25. Bad news, my friend: I don't think this game runs on Windows Vista or 7 (i.e. anything with a DirectX version of 10 or 11). I have no idea how you could run it on a Macintosh, either, but maybe you could.

    For anyone with more knowledge in this matter than I: HELP!

  26. Not true. I am running it on Windows 7 64 bit just fine.

  27. Hey, what's so special about "Safety Cap/Pinkified Bullets"? It doesn't seem to do more damage, or if it does, it does very little extra damage.

  28. About the Pinkified Bullets, maybe it's just the change in color which allows you to separate enemy bullets from your own more easily, thus increasing your ability to dodge them. Or so i think.

    This game is AWESOME. I hope the creator keeps developing this superb game.

    Just a few to do ideas i thought of:

    - Character Development: The ability to manually upgrade HP, Weapon Damage, Walking Speed or Armor on level up. It could be even greater with the inclusion of simple "Skill Tree", which points to

    - Active Skills: Te ability to use a "energy" consuming action among a list. It could be "castlevania" like, with "pick-up" subweapons as active skills, or developed in a Skill Tree.

    - Currency and Dealers: Which provide the posibility to buy an item and appear randomly on levels, and offer a random item and allows to sell items too.

    Well, of course there are tons of things that can be done, and maybe the "magic" of the game is to keep it simple.

    Keep it up!

  29. I agree with the above that this game really should continue to be developed. I'm not fond of needing ammunition (like Castlevania hearts), but choosing which weapon I start with (or having my current weapon level carry over to later weapon pick-ups) would be sweet.

    I think what this game definitely needs is MODABILITY. No game is perfect for everyone, but this game is so awesome that I believe it would endure in a modding community well after the author (Mr. Teknopants himself) can't bring himself to work on it any longer.

    Just a thought, and "AWESOME" definitely describes it!

  30. still have trap room escapees, which really, really sucks as it's a cheap death.

    i think instead you should make the traproom disapear when it gets down to 1 block size. so you don't die from the super cheapness

  31. I play a lot with my brothers, but the second player does not have the possibility to aim with another mouse connected.

    So, the player 1 is a perfect killing machine, while the player 2 have to deal with the 8 directions on the keyboard.

    Can you create a patch, so the second player can aim, with another mouse?

    I would really appreciate that. =)

    A, forgot to say: Incredibly great game!

  32. I've downloaded 1.2.1 and that is hard. Became harder than was. There is a very difficult to beat boss in level 1. I cannot reach level 2...
    But the bosses are interesting.

  33. Hello friend, I remember back awhile ago I found some of your music on 8bc and well I really liked it. But now I can't find it (The Subsurf I think it's called) and I was just wondering if there was anywhere where I could find the tune. Thanks

  34. I love this game! I get the first level song stuck in my head all the time. Easy to pick up, difficult to master. I think I've only made it 8 levels deep.

    My only complaint is that it runs poorly on integrated graphics cards. My laptop and netbook struggle with it, and I think that's because of whatever graphics renderer you're using. I know that's not your fault, but I thought I'd comment on it.

    I'm trying to write my own rogue-like in ActionScript 3. I was wondering if I could pick your brain on your level generation system? I'm having difficulty applying the theory. Thanks!

  35. Posting this in 2014 - about four years since this original blogpost. I would like to confirm that acquiring the donation version with those extras is still possible to this day. Once you complete the donation you simply click "Return to donations coordinator" and it immediately starts the download. According to the comments any amount should work. Oh, and if you're in doubt whether it's worth it or not - this version has a damn flamethrower in it! Yes, enemies take damage from afterburn, too! ;)

  36. this game is amazing. I would love to see it on steam!