Jul 20, 2010

Shoot First Sexy Update***

I hope this addresses most of the concerns that people were having with the game.

New Stuff:

  • Mouse now has direct aiming. No more 8 direction mouse aiming.
  • Custom controls are now saved
  • Fullscreen button added that tests resolution and makes appropriate fixes (tell me if this doesn't work properly)
  • Some odd item pickup error has now been fixed
  • Option for turning off scanlines*
  • Discovered exits are logged onto the map**

So, please enjoy the bandaged and healing new version of Shoot First

Thanks to Jason Rohrer for prompting me to do this-


  1. Stairs down to next level are not showing up in the game. They show up as a green dot on the map, but not visible on the levels.

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  4. Also, Fullscreen doesn't work properly here still, I'm using 1280x800 native res for win7, with a switchable dual GPU, ATI/Intel.
    In windowed ATI mode: I get a 640x480 window, with the pixels sharp, 2x2 each.
    In windowed Intel mode, I get a 640x480 window, with the pixels fuzzy/blurred, 2x2 each.
    In ATI mode, when fullscreen is enabled, I end up with a 'letterboxed' small 640x480 window surrounded by black at the screen center (and everything goes way slow).
    In Intel mode, when fullscreen is enabled, I end up with a 'letterboxed' small 640x480 window surrounded by black at the screen center. Also, in Intel mode, everything is ALWAYS slow (due to that weird shader-like scanline effect, which isn't running during the menu and I wish there was some way to disable it in-game as well)

  5. sorry about those first two posts, It turns out the bug described (no green dot on l2 or below) I can't reproduce. Its possible this only occurs when there either is no map on l2, or you never grab the map. The bug anonymous pointed out is definitely true though, level exits, both locked and unlocked, are invisible, starting with this new version.

  6. Hi. Could you please make an option to turn off this ingame "scanlines" effect? It makes game on my 2.6 Ghz celeron work very slow. This game is very nice, but I can't really p[lay it too long because of this. Thank you

  7. Hi Beau,

    First of all, thank you for making such a fun and addictive game to play ^_^. It's pretty awesome!

    Wanted to point out a couple of things that I have noticed though. As Unkla_Boba pointed out, the scanlines are a problem for me also. When I play in fullscreen especially, the presence of the scanlines seems to strain my eyes like old low refresh monitors used to do. I know that the menu/control config screens don't have them, so an option to turn them off would be a big help.

    The other thing that would help me spend more time with the game is a save feature. I realize you probably don't want to add that because it changes the nature of the game to some extent, but having the ability to save and come back to this would be sweet.

    Finally, my fullscreen view is also not the best as I'm on a widescreen monitor. The ability to run windowed with pixels doubled might alleviate the problem, but this is minor.

    So thanks again, and I'll keep plugging away!



  8. OK! I fixed the invisible exit bug and added an option for taking off scanlines. The fullscreen adjustments are still beyond me, I'm afraid.

    - I tried doing the double size pixel thing but I couldn't find a solution. Chevyray's engine is brilliant but alas it didn't work with what I had here already. Next time I'll start with that ahead of time.

  9. Having a weird bug that I didn't have with the first version; any time I get experience, when I get to the point where I should level, the bar just grows beyond it, and I never get past Lvl. 0.

  10. Also having the same issue as FistyDollars, the lvl up bar just keeps growing.

  11. Yeah My player cannot level up at all and
    its really annoying the crap out of me and my sister so if you could fix it that would be Awesome!

  12. OOOhhh snap. Sorry about that, all shall be well now!

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  14. Ah, just saw you updated it again while I was typing. One sec, lemme test new build...

  15. Much better, 7/21/10 version with scanlines turned off runs MUCH faster, but some new issues appear:
    * An error box appears about a byte being unreadable when the game is first run.
    * Leveling up doesn't work (the level up bar just extends past the max, as someone else has mentioned)
    I also noticed the 'famous' levelup cheat is completely removed, but am not sure if this is by accident (due to leveling up being broken in the 7/21 version) or something else... My suggestion would be to leave the cheat in, but don't allow plaid highscore submissions for a particular game session in which the cheat has been used.

    Its getting REALLY close now, I love some of the subtle references I've found so far, like Arthur's boxers from GnG.

    (Note: when 7/22 build is up I will try it ASAP)

  16. yeah i still cant level up

  17. yeah me neither

  18. also player 2 control options are not saved only player 1

  19. Thank you so much for the scanlines fix! Help a ton :D.

  20. Just played the 7/22 build:
    Its nearly perfect!
    The Cheat is obviously removed.
    Only possible 'bug' I noticed is the green tentacly enemies with 'hands' appear in a much stronger form starting from level 1, instead of starting later in the game (I've never got that far before), and I'm not sure if that was intentional or not.

  21. Also Beau, can you update the version number? I have five or maybe 6 builds here now, all with exe version '1.0'. Another good idea would be to switch the newest build to a fresh scoreboard address, and make the old build's score script always return "999999 - scores not tracked on this version: get version 1.1!" and ignore new submissions. Or something like that.

  22. Green things are stronger on purpose
    Added a version number
    Player 2 controls are remembered

  23. Well I played this new version and I'll post some thoughts:

    - Trying to switch weapons on the control test screen seems to lock up controls to where I have to kill the application task.
    - I like how the green things are much more of a threat but are those arms supposed to be able to reach through walls like that?
    - Is leveling up your character the only way to level up your gun? Seems like this just discourages you from swapping out past the first levels since leveling gets slower. Maybe spawn guns at higher dungeon levels with higher levels or allow duplicate gun pickups to increase gun levels?
    - I think it's too difficult to avoid spikes that are right outside the exit of a hallway due to your character sliding a bit and the spike collision being too unforgiving. Not saying the character sliding in of itself is bad.. being able to wall-hug better or some leeway on the spike collision would be nice?
    - Going to regret saying this but the holy/homing boulders should be a bit smarter with using diagonals in hallways and such so they don't destroy themselves as quick.
    - I had a character die to a closing wall trap because an enemy spawned outside the wall.

    I haven't played this game too much so take my comments as you will. Real fun game though, thanks for your work.

  24. Bug report for 1.0 (7/20, first window/fs build with the invisible exits bug):
    * Sometimes the player will spawn on a new game inside a column or spikes, resulting in instant death.
    Bug report for 1.1 (7/22 noon build):
    * If you have found a Green Knight AI 'helper' in the dungeon, and you manage to get yourself killed WITHOUT the Green Knight dying (this is rather hard to do, as he tends to die first), the next time you start a game you will spawn with the Green Knight as if you brought him to a lower level with the previous game. However, he will seek whatever map position you died on previously (and since the level is different this is usually inside a wall). This MIGHT be fixed in 1.11.
    Bug report for 1.11 (7/22 evening build):
    * Under certain random circumstances, the damsel for a level will spawn inside a wall, past the end of a snaking passage. i.e. floor | player | wall | damsel | black out-of-map-area
    *? A spike-burst-from-floor trap will sometimes spawn on top of visible floor spikes, which is sort of redundant. (is this a bug at all?)
    *? Gems, maps (and damsels?) will sometimes spawn on top of floor spikes, shootable floor brambles, or lava. This has happened since the earliest version I have. (is this a bug at all?)
    *? It is sometimes possible to shoot Darius or Big Mike from a long distance, shoving them offscreen and sometimes killing them without activating them at all. (is this a bug at all?)

    The game keeps getting better and better. Keep it up!


  25. when a closing wall trap appears it always lags alot. not sure if its just my compute but ive never encountered a problem like this in any other game ive played.

  26. Love the game! Thanks for taking the time to make it. I'm a big fan of procedurally generated content - especially roguelikes.

    I hope you continue developing and expanding on it!

  27. Hi,

    just wanted to point out this:

    Lots of time its impossible to finish a level.
    You spawn in a closed room - Exit is unreachable because it is blocked by walls.
    I also experienced a strange thing:
    There was a "laser pillar" on top of the exit, so i tried to enter in by right clicking but it instant killed me. Then i spawned in the next floor with a level 0 character, no equipment or previous weapon i have levelled, but keeping my score wich was around 2000 (Unfortunnately the next exit was put in an unreachable room so i couldnt advance :( )

    Good luck fixing those :P