Aug 4, 2010

Grid Shock: It's about time.

Grid Shock is like.... so freaking old, dude. Like- Brah, you have no idear. So like, whatever. It's 2010. I started working on it 4 years ago... fixed some things. Gave it onliney highscores. Well. Here it is. 


  • Terrible voiceacting
  • Out dated sprite work
  • 50 Waves of NON STOP ACTION*
  • Characters with ATTITUDE*
  • Co-Op if you have a dual analog joystick
  • Online Highscores!
  • Robots!

Sounds good eh? Get it HERE


  1. I'm going to download this tomorrow, but wow, you;re not very proud of your work, are you?!

  2. Haha, no I like the game, I said on it's page it still holds a little nook in my heart. I've just gotten over it, I guess. Much more proud of my newer work.

  3. Despite what the man says, this game is quite worth your time. It's not up to his current standard of polish but it's a whollop of fun.

  4. This truly is a fabulous game, Beau. Love all your work.